Antipasto Sunday

12 Dec

Sunday was spent with NB and friends chopping up vegetables for antipasto.  I vaguely recall making this with my mum as a kid, and as soon as I saw the mountain of cauliflower simmering away in the pot, it all came flooding back to me.  Antipasto requires a LOT of chopping. We spent about 7 hours making a monster batch.

It was my first experience with a pressure canner – and this wasn’t  just any machine, but a full-on commercial grade tank.  It was intense.  It takes the same amount of time as traditional canning, except it can do a double layer of jars…and it makes fantastical noises with the petcock valve.  (Seriously, that’s the name, look it up.)

Cost: $25 plus 1 dozen jars (per person)
Time: 8 hours 
Result: About 12 jars of antipasto (per person)

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