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24 Feb

Just ordered a smoker.

There are a variety of fuel options (charcoal, wood, electric, gas, and pellet) with varying levels of simplicity.  Basically it comes down to what produced the best flavor, is straightforward to operate,  maintains temperature, and was reasonably priced.  There are a bunch of cheap ones that probably see a seasons worth of use then get permanently parked next to the crappy cast iron bbq and broken bike.

The Bradley Digital Smoker, 4 rack.  (The larger 6 rack seems obscene given the fact 4 will do 45 pounds).  This gadget has a lot going for it that really makes it stand out among the rest of the smoker pack.  It reviewed well on every site I visited.

  • Runs on bisquettes (which cost $0.50 each, and work out to $10 for an average smoke session)
  • Set it and forget it digital settings
  • Built in thermometer with temperature regulator
  • Hot and cold smoke settings
  • BBQ, roast, smoke, and dry
  • Easy to clean (as far as smokers go)

In thrifty Dutch style I’m co-oping the cost with the SooKie and CroaTE. I rang a few stores in town, and while I really try to be loyal to the local people there is a limit to how much extra I am willing to pay. was the winner because it ships for free, includes a set of bisquettes, and is $100 cheaper than the next price.  THEN it just so happened that during this time SK was with the owner of one of my favorite local businesses – Capital Iron – and he price matched.  (Which will probably still work out for him in the end because I’m liable to purchase all kinds of goodies while in the store).

Oh the possibilities!  The first thing going in that sucker is the 3 kilogram block of aged Gouda sitting in my fridge (thanks to my clients at Saputo).  Followed with some salt (take that fancy salt company), fish and a whole lot of pork.

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