Handmade cheddar bacon burgers

29 May

I recently came across a Tupperware gadget in the back of my cupboard that inspired me to create a cheddar bacon burger.  No, not a burger with cheddar and bacon on top of it.  Obviously that delicious, but I’m talking about putting this stuff IN the burger.  Imagine all the time I will save…

Back to the gadget.  It’s a relic of one of those come-over-for-some-wine-and-buy-lots-of-crap-you-don’t-need-so-I-can-get-free-stuff evenings a girlfriend had ages ago.  I have no idea what else I may have convinced myself I needed, but this hamburger patty maker is actually pretty useful.  It also gave me an excuse to use some of my other favorite gadgets, the Kitchenaide meat grinder and my small kitchen scale.

Here’s what I did…it made 36 patties*

500 grams of aged cheddar – shredded
500 grams of good quality bacon – ground
100 grams of ground flax seed (for fiber, back off)
2.5 kilos of beef sirloin – ground
200 grams of fine breadcrumbs
2 eggs – lightly whisked
10 ml salt
15 ml Bragg’s
Bunch of ground black pepper

  1. Run yourself a nice hot sink full of soapy water.  I’m not the germ police, but this will help cut down on the spread of nasty little bacteria as you move from counter to bowl to fridge to computer etc. Then read through these instructions to figure out what you might want to prep (pre-cutting 4-5 sheets of parchment would be my suggestion).
  2. Prepare all of the ingredients, adding them to a BIG bowl.   Then mix together with your hands.  Don’t even try to use anything else.  Get some surgical gloves if you’re squeamish…or just maybe some cajones.
  3. Make a mini patty and fry it in a pan to make sure it’s properly seasoned.  You could use the microwave if you’re lazy…but the cheese won’t behave properly.  And it will look gross and grey.  Use a pan.
  4. Using a scale, measure out your portions.  This will help to ensure your burgers cook evenly, and make them appear professional.  I chose to make mine 200 grams.
  5. If you have the Tupperware gadget, now’s the time to put it to good use.  If not, then scout around your kitchen for something similar to improvise.  It’s important to flatten and smoosh (def: pushing down while twisting) the hamburger so that it stays together on your grill.
  6. Flip out onto a parchment covered baking sheet.
  7. Continue manufacturing, inserting a sheet of parchment between each layer of meat.
  8. Freeze overnight or for a few hours until the burgers are solid.
  9. Use your kitchen scissors to cut the parchment and separate the burgers.  The parchment layer will keep them from getting stuck to each other as you stack them for freezing.
  10. Saran wrap them into stacked burger portions (I chose 2′s and 4′s).  Freeze and enjoy at your leisure while bragging how easy they were to make.

*This word, patty, ranks right up there with panties in my vocabulary.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a synonym.

Mmmm…savory homemade goodness.

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