Pickle Party

13 Sep

Last Sunday a few girl friends and I got together to pickle some of the summer’s harvest.  M has a beautiful kitchen that is almost always in a state of perfection suitable for a magazine photo shoot.  Rather than disrupting that lovely state of harmony with the disgusting smell of boiling brine, we set up propane burners on the patio outside.  Inside, we washed, cut and stuffed the jars.  Outside, we brined and boiled.  Compared to previous years, this set up was much cleaner. I’m sure M still ended up cleaning the kitchen, but at least she didn’t have to deal with the brine stink for the next week.

It’s hard to make a recipe for this type of activity, because it’s always different.  However, in an effort to always improve upon the previous year, I will record what we did for future reference.

See previous post for suggestions on How to organize a pickle party.


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