Everything but the kitchen sink…cookies

3 Oct

On a girl’s weekend this summer my friend KJ brought some AMAZING cookies. They were full of nuts and cranberries so we fooled ourselves into thinking they were health bars or something. They barely lasted two hours. Anyhow, her recipe is super easy and very adaptable. I’ve experimented making healthier versions. And not by doing something silly like reducing the butter content, but using more whole grains and fiber-rich ingredients. The result has always been delicious!

Posting this recipe also gives me the chance to show off some of my newly acquired Adobe InDesign skills! (My fingers are itching to re-do the other recipes I’ve posted…)

My latest batch included pecans, cranberries, almonds, sesame seeds and coconut.  Why fork out $10 for English Bay cookie dough when you can whip up your very own – somewhat healthier – batch anytime?

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