Kitchen Gadgets [a rant]

1 Nov

I’m a discerning consumer [read: downright snob] when it comes to the tools that fill my kitchen drawers.  There are too many useless items on the market for a variety of kitchen jobs that people should just suck up and do.   Cooking requires a physical effort which should be embraced, not cheated.

Now, there is a distinct difference between a tool and a gadget.   A tool is something that is optimized for function, like a chef’s knife, a vegetable peeler, or a thermometer.  These are things you expect to see in a commercial kitchen.  A gadget is something frivolous and gimmicky. They are sold on infomercials, cost way more than their tool counterparts, and value form over function.   If you can’t picture Bourdain using it in a real kitchen, it’s probably a gadget.

Case in Point: Garlic

All I use to chop garlic is a knife and a cutting board.  If we’re talking about basic necessity, a hard surface and something to hammer the clove with will work quite efficiently.  That’s it.  Sure it takes a while to peel the papery skin off the bulb to pull a clove out, and yes, it might take a few seconds to mince that clove.   But it’s all part of the physical kitchen process that I think too many people are trying to skip.  That garlic took 10 months to grow and is really going to flavor your food. So pull up your big girl/boy knickers and respect that garlic.

I see these needlessly neon things in stores and I cringe…not because I am anti-consumer or anything crazy like that, but because I dread how many I might receive from well meaning friends and family. Like that ING guy used to say “Save your Money.”

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