How to make bread {INTRODUCTION}

14 Apr

If fourteenth century french peasants can do it, so should you.









I’m really going to defend bread for the next while.  It’s getting very poor media profile these days with everyone* jumping on the gluten-free train. [Mental note: find out where that train is going and make sure never to go there].   I’ve decided to take a firm stand and publicly announce that I’m pro-gluten.

Feel free to leave. In fact, you can click on one of my advertisers to the right on your way.

Now then, I’m also going to be making a case for why everyone should try making his or her own bread.  Even if it’s just once.  It’s not going to cost anything except a couple of bucks for good quality bread flour (if you don’t traditionally stock that type of thing).

Before I loose the other 35% of my readership, please don’t stop reading because you have zero inclination to make your own focaccia or baguette.  The only requisite for participation in this bread pilgrimage is that we share one tenant:  bread + butter = happiness.

So, even if your knowledge of bread making consists only of the instructions you once read on a package of Pillsbury Oven Rolls, I promise to provide some of the best instructions on the interweb about bread making.   I even have a fermentation export on retainer (he works for sourdough).

The first step in this journey is getting excited.  So the first assignment is to pour a glass of something and watch this TEDtalk.  It’s in Napa. Then, watch this space.

* I’d like to note that only 1 in 133 persons is predicted to be an actual celiac.  So many fakers. [source]

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