Buying local meat: Step 1 – Make room

10 Jan

NOTE: This is the second article in my Buying Local Meat series.  Click here for the first article.

STEP ONE: Make some room. 

A year’s supply of meat isn’t likely to fit in a typical kitchen freezer.  You’re going to need at least 1 cubic foot for every 25lbs of meat.  For quick reference, the average refrigerator freezer is about 5 cubic feet.  I keep a small variety of meat in my kitchen freezer, however the majority goes into my basement deep-freeze.


A chest freezer is an investment, however before you rush out to buy a shiny new one, do a little homework.  Ask around (lots of people have them lurking unused in their basements), check online classifieds, reputable appliance resellers, or find the local restaurant supply auctions/asset disposal sales.  My barely-used, 25 cubic footer came via the 2010 Vancouver Olympics for the grand price of $215.40.

TIP: stock the bottom of your freezer with plastic milk jugs full of water. The resulting ice is a good insurance policy in case of power failure/zombie apocalypse.


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